Three Hodja Stories

Following stories about Nasreddin Hodja is taken from hundreds of them which are probably the collective creation of the 13th century Mid Anatolia. I have chosen three stories to give you the general characteristics of these people.  The atmosphere of these stories continues to determine the culture of the region which includes, with minor differences, all of modern Turkey, Balkans, most of Middle East and even some parts of central Asia.


One day, Hodja lost his donkey again. He rushed to the marketplace and announced,
“whoever finds and bring my donkey to me will have it, including its saddle.” Everybody was surprised.
“If you are going to give your donkey to the person who finds it then why are you looking for it?” they asked, “But, ah!!” said Hodja, “You don't know how good it feels to find something you’ve lost”


Hodja sitting by the window and he saw a funeral procession coming
down the street. Relatives of the deceased were crying and wailing
“Oh! You are going to a dark place where there is no light or fire,
no Food or water. Oh!”
‘ Hodja turned to his wife and said,
“Quick!  Go and lock our door.  They must be bringing the deceased
to our house”


While Hodja was walking in the street somebody approached him and slapped him on the back of his neck. He was hurt badly so he wouldn't accept the man's apology. He took the man to the judge not knowing that the man was a close friend of him. The judge tried to convince Hodja to accept the man’s apology but Hodja was adamant. The judge finally said,
“O.K. I have decided. This man will pay one akçe to Hodja,” and signalled to the man,
“You go and bring the money.”
The man left. Hodja waited and waited for the man to return and finally ran out of patience. He approached the judge who was reading the paper in front of him, and slapped him on the neck. He then told the judge,
“I have some business to attend to, so I am leaving. You go ahead and take the akçe instead of me.”

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