Last Night

Last night I wept silently alone,
My tears didn't fall, instead they flew
towards children whose hopes are postponed to another life
and towards ones whose destiny ripped into their bodies in metal form
Last night I wept silently
one drop magnified you on my wall
permanently painting the moment we were eye to eye
that moment
I prefer to the moment of having you when losing you starts
Last night I wept
to wash my blade and walls of the castles inside
the blade should scare enemies but cuts my heart instead
and the castles shining in glamor but not strong enough to stand against bombards of your eyes
Last night

1 yorum:

  1. Tears are one of the most strongest click's elements. They have the power to conquer the World.
    Tears (composed with crying)are the first thing that make a child feels alive when he/she is born and not only the mother but even the doctors beggin to be touched by that moment.

    Tears for persons you love most in the life,makes you to be noticed as a caring human being.

    Tears were a nice way to get make your classmates click on you.

    Ortenca (OTU)